Chael Sonnen To Serve As Backup For Masvidal vs Diaz?

Chael Sonnen on Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz

Chael Sonnen has taken more shots at his arch-rival Jorge Masvidal.

‘Gamebred’ is preparing for a return to the fighting scene this summer, when he’ll rematch Nate Diaz in a boxing ring on July 6th.

But where does Sonnen fit into all of this?

The MMA veteran recently revealed that he was approached to serve as a backup for the upcoming boxing clash, and he said that he’d only jump in and save the day if Diaz pulls out.

In a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, Sonnen said that he’d fight Masvidal anytime and anywhere.

“Yeah and I don’t like that [backup] word, they used a different word because there’s no scenario where I would fight with Nate and they knew that,” Sonnen stated. “It was a different word. But they meant if Nate can’t do it, will you take on Masvidal? I said absolutely I will… Whatever he keeps on saying, I accept Jorge. Keep limiting yourself. I’m going to do all those things and more, that’s why they call me a cheater.

“I will fight Masvidal right now. He can use his right hand, he can kick me in the nuts, he can do anything he wants. I will be juiced up, and I will beat Jorge Masvidal anytime. But I won’t take the fight from Nate, and this is exactly what I told these jabronis.”

What do you make of these comments?