Belal Muhammad Eyes Dagestan Camp for Upcoming Title Fight

Belal Muhammad training Dagestan

Belal Muhammad is planning to go the extra mile for his potential welterweight title fight against Leon Edwards.

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Muhammad revealed that he plans on training in Dagestan. This won’t be the first time for the top UFC welterweight contender, as he has already trained in the region in the past, and he thinks a training camp in the mountains will take his game to the next level.

“I’m planning for sure to go to Dagestan and train with those guys, like you said, to get a new look, to get different feels,” Muhammad said. “Those guys don’t let you take any days off or any easy rounds. That’s always perfect for me. Last time I trained with those guys, we got a dominant finish and I plan to do the same thing.

“A lot of their stuff that we do when we go live or we go hard is like we’re working. Over here, I do a lot of specific drilling with my team, my guys here. When it’s over there, I’ve got to be ready to go. I’ve got to be ready to be in shape. It’s an uncomfortable feeling. A lot of these guys, they’re not who I’m with every single day. So every round is a lot harder. Every round feels like it’s a new fight. I think that’s an advantage for me because with a lot of these fighters, you don’t get that uncomfortable feeling until you get to fight night where it’s like, ‘Alright, now it’s finally here. I’ve been thinking about this guy for a month.’ You’ve had looks, but you haven’t had the specific guy who’s in front of you right now.”

Will Belal Muhammad benefit from training in Dagestan for his likely title fight against Leon Edwards?