Artem Lobov ‘EXPOSES’ Conor McGregor Amid Ongoing Legal Feud

Artem Lobov and Conor McGregor legal feud

Artem Lobov has added a new twist to his legal feud with friend-turned-foe, Conor McGregor.

‘The Notorious’ is gearing up for a comeback to the Octagon at UFC 300, with Michael Chandler being his potential opponent, although it’s all up in the air at the moment and his legal dispute may have something to do with it.

Once close friends, McGregor broke ties with his former teammate Artem Lobov in November 2022, when the Russian filed a lawsuit against The Irishman regarding his Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey.

The Russian alleges that McGregor’s original plan was to create vodka, but Lobov suggested the idea of producing whiskey, which turned out to be highly lucrative as ‘The Notorious’ now boasts a net worth exceeding $600 million. ‘The Russian Hammer’ contends that despite contributing significantly, he did not receive the share promised by his close friend.

Earlier this month, Lobov added a new twist to the tale by sharing screenshots of his text messages with McGregor, according to which the former champ-champ promised to take care of his fellow.

“This fight and this whiskey deal, I am going to look after you!” McGregor wrote. “You are always there for me brother and I appreciate all of your work”

Lobov responded by saying: “Thank you so much Conor, I won’t take anything for the camp as it’s great for me and my skills also and I am delighted to be there, so please don’t send me money for it, please! The whiskey is going to be huge!!! Audie told me that you are giving me a percentage, thank you very much for that, it’s going to be a massive success!”

The Irishman replied by saying: “Don’t worry bout it, my brother!”

The authenticity of Lobov’s texts remains unverified, and the former UFC champion has also not made any statements regarding the purportedly leaked messages.